Janggan Kite Competition

Kevin Sanders amazing video of the Janggan kite competition held in Bali, beautiful kites! Sanur Beach, Bali. August 2014 Janggan kite competition Also check out the movie : Janggan – anyone know if this was screened in North America? Read more →

Dieppe Kite International – 10th Edition

Kite fliers from around the world gathered in Dieppe, New Brunswick Canada for the 10th edition of the Dieppe Kite International kite festival. As usual we had a great group of fliers and the vibe on the field was fantastic. The Sport kite fliers put on some great demos, while the single line fields showcased many of the invited fliers,… Read more →

Quad line kites on Ice…

Kite flying performance by Mikhail Bugaev & Olena Banasevych, amazing. Be sure to checkout their youtube channel.

Premier RC – Very cool… Kites?

Check out this video showing off Premier Kites new venuter PremierRC..

They are using brushless motors and interesting gimble assembly to provide this interesting blend between RC flight and the beauty of single line kites..

More here PremierRc.com

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Rokkaku’s in Baddeck

We had a great time building Rokkaku kites in Baddeck last month! I met some wonderful people and I learned a lot! The room was full of all skill levels, but I am pretty sure no one had built a kite before, so everyone was being introduced to the strange world of spinnaker nylon, dacron and adhesives. It was a… Read more →

Flight of the Silver Dart Centennial – Rokkaku Workshop

In celebration of Canada’s centennial of flight, this once in 100 years 2 day kite-making workshop is being offered to a limited number of participants on a first come, first served basis. Kite-maker Bill Wilson and fabric artist Anne Morrell will guide this workshop providing the inspiration and expertise required for each participant to design and construct a Rokkaku kite.… Read more →

Video: Baddeck Bell Bay Kite Fly

Check out a video from the Cape Breton post Steve MacDonald .. lot’s of great stuff! I think everyone is featured in this video, sweet!